Faith United Methodist Church
Wednesday, June 20, 2018
Loving, Growing, Serving in Faith


Prayer is the way we develop a loving relationship with God.  Just like any relationship, our relationship with God takes a lot of communication.  In prayer we talk to God about everything in our lives, our joys and concerns, and also spend time listening for God's response.
Prayer is also a way to show our love for each other.  We pray for people in our community and world.  We pray for our friends and even our enemies.  We ask that God would be present with them, comfort them, provide for them, heal them, and anything else we think to pray about.
If you have a particular prayer concern that you would like to share with the pastor you can email her. here.  
We have a prayer shawl ministry that meets each Monday afternoon at 4:00 PM.  That group meets at 409 N. Barber Street.   A prayer group meets each Tuesday morning at 9:00 AM at the church, as well.